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Duration: 3.5 hours (15.30 – 19.00)

If you’re a foodie cuisine plays an important role in your vacation. Trying all local specialties is a must-do activity. This tour is a combination of food-tasting and walking tour around the town. We want to give you an opportunity to experience the food culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and nice people. This tour focuses on street food of Hoi An which you would not get if you were just a tourist walking around by yourself

The tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel. You will be greeted by your friendly local guides. After a quick briefing, we will start heading out for delicious food tasting adventures.
First stop is the home of a local family to discover how to make a regional specialty called white rose cakes, found only in Hoi An. Here you will have a change to talk with the staff who are making the cakes, and take photos if you want.

We continue the tasting tour with a bowl of Cao Lau, a Hoi An specialty of noodles, pork, fresh vegetables and rice paper. Taste some of the best in the region at a local village, and hear how the noodles are made from sticky rice soaked in the water from the Ba Le Well, the oldest well in Hoi An.
Next comes the food challenge for the brave ones – Balut eggs or Hot Vit Lon – one of the Top 10 weird foods in the world. Nowhere in the world people like eating balut eggs like Vietnamese people. And there is no other place where balut eggs come in such diversity of types and ways of processing as here. For ages, balut egg dishes have been very popular and considered to be very healthy.

Our guide will tell you what the balut egg is and how to eat them.
For many visitors, eating duck balut egg is a challenge because they can see the shape of the fertilized egg, so they hesitate when enjoying them. Should not be missed! The not-so-brave ones can skip this meal.

There is no denying that all local specialties are tasty thanks to the pure water which is taken from the oldest well in Hoi An. For our next stop we will go through a small alley and stop at the Ba Le well which was dug in the 10th century by the Cham people.

Considered “the most delicious bread in the world” – Hoi An baquette has been the choice of most visitors because of its uniqueness and taste. Hoi An people consider enjoying bread to be an art. Bread is also nutritious and good for the health. A hot, crispy baquette with pork meat, pate, vegetable and sauce inside will certainly delight you. Our guide will take you to one of the best BÁNH MỲ in Hoi An.

Besides Cao Lau, Quang noodles is also a famous dish in Hoi An. Another kind of noodles with the difference way of making and broth
We will walk to another location to try grilled pork satay, spring rolls and Vietnamese crispy pancake – banh xeo, again highlights of Hoi An street food cuisine.
We finish with Chè, a soupy pudding made with the various kind of beans and served in a small bowl topped with coconut syrup
During the 3.5 hour walking tour, you’ll enjoy tasting 8 dishes.
After the tour, you can choose to explore the beautiful Hoi An at night or return to your hotel

Note : Let me know in advance if you have any special request ( your diet, your allergy…)

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